recipe for lifelong homosexuality

Chen Chen

beneath the night’s embroidery,
hold me.
         beneath this lunar blaze, sweat
         on me.
   before our blue
                       full-length mirror, feed me

you. your breath & golden 
        bewitchments. (your thighs.) i am so attracted
    to your talent for building
                  a big ol’ platter of nachos. i am very attracted
    to the way you agree: fluffernutter should be
          our xtube couple name. i am
so very attracted to your inner life
                  & biceps, which i just have to grip
     while you go down on me.

between work & a beyoncé show, go down on me

                behind the planetarium, go down on me

                      above the aquarium, go down on me

betwixt this bitter melony
                       mortality & these minty bouts
                  of meaning-making,
                                                          go down on me.

      bestrewn with sorrows, bellyful of doritos
      bejeweled with freshest lime-dressed fixings,
          let me
snore on you.